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Before you arrive at the airport you should make sure that you have all required documents with you. The last thing you want is beeing held up at the customs already, because something is missing or expired. Below are the most important ones.


While it is possible to travel certain regions without a passport (Europe for citizens of the European Union and The U.S.A for citizens of the States) you are going to need your passport in most cases.

Be aware that it can take a few weeks until you get your new passport. Getting visas for certain countries will take a few weeks aswell. Make sure to apply for your passport early enough. Not having your passport on your scheduled date of derpature is a real downer.

If you already have a passport check its validity. Some countries restrict the validity to atleast 6 left months upon entering the country. Also check how many blank pages are left in your passport. While some visas are little stamps that don’t even take half of a page, others can take up to 3 pages.

If you have a dual citizenship make sure to take both passports with you. You get advantages travelling Commonwealth countries with an UK passport, for example. Also, if you plan to travel Israel, for example, you might get trouble travelling other Muslim countries afterwards. Except you have another passport that doesn’t show any evidence of your visit in Israel. 2 passports are always of advantage.


Visa regulations have gotten less and less strict over the past years. Nowadays it’s possible to travel many countries without the need of applying for a visa. You are either allowed to stay a certain amount of days without a visa, or you get a “visa on arrival”. The visa on arrival sometimes comes with a fee.

If you have to apply for a visa in advance you can apply either already in your homecountry, or in an embassy/consulate located outside of your homecountry. The reason why I mention this is because it’s not always useful to get all of your visas in your homecountry. They often need to be used in a certain period of time, otherwise they expire. It might also be way easier and cheaper to get the desired visa in a neighbour country, rather than in your homecountry.

However, you will need to inform yourself about visa regulations for every single country. Visa regulations differ for nationalities, so your newfound travel buddy might not need a visa, while you do. Double check visa regulations for YOUR country of origin. Also, make sure the information is up to date. In case you are unsure you can always make contact with the embassy or consulate. Altough you will most likey find accurate information on their websites already.

Driving license

If you want to drive a vehicle in a foreign country you will not only need your national driving license, but also the international drivers license. Especially if you are from a non-English-speaking country authorities might have trouble translating your driving license. While in some countries authorities won’t care if you have a license at all, (as long as there are a few dollars in your pocket and you don’t get involved in an accident) the international drivers license is mandatory in others. It’s usually not expensive or difficult to get, so better just do it and save yourself some troubles.

Be aware that there are different treatys. Depending on what countries you want to drive in you have to find the right one. Also, be aware that your international drivers license is only valid in combination with your national license. You need to carry both of them with you.

International vaccination card

This one is not that important, but worth to be mentioned aswell. Some countries demand certain vaccinations in order to enter them. The international vaccination card is the proof that you have them. Usually you will get it for free when doing your vaccinations. Be sure to check that your vaccinations get recorded properly. Sometimes the doctors are very sloppy with that.

As always you are very welcome to leave additions/suggestions/opinions in the comments!

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