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Besides just having a good time you have an unique chance to experience a whole lot of new things during your trip around the world. This will not only give your trip that certain something, but also broaden your horizon. Every won challenge will also raise your confidence.

  • Concern youself with the culture. This can lead to some interesting findings. Furthermore locals will be way more welcoming if they see that you care about their country and culture. Nobody expects you to know the whole history, it’s more about the little things.
  • Learn the language. Pretty much the same as the point above. No need to learn the whole language, but atleast the most common phrases like “hello, thank you, etc.”.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. Travelling is not always fun and easy, but if you try to avoid every little inconvenience you will miss out on a lot. Doesn’t have to be the 5 day-camel-hike through the dessert to begin with, but try to avoid the safe-convenient path as often as you can. You will get rewarded with an unbelievable satisfying feeling every time you overcome your fears.
  • Try new things. Whatever it is a new sport like diving or sleeping on a stranger’s couch for the first time. Don’t just do the same things you would do at home.
Handling mistakes

Sadly (atleast western) society sometimes makes you believe mistakes are a little bit like sins. Don’t do them and don’t talk about them. A lot of people are afraid to make mistakes because of others making fun of them. If you are going to do a lot of new things making mistakes is inevitable though. Don’t be afraid to make them, that’s the best way to learn. Nobody was born a master at something, everybody who pretends to be just has a huge ego-problem.

People who are not doing any mistakes at all are not perfect. Not doing any mistakes at all means not doing anything new at all. That just means their life is rather boring and they are completly stuck in their everyday life.

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