How much electronics and entertainment is reasonable?

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This is an rather controversial topic and I’ll share my very own opinion here. You don’t need to agree, but maybe you want to think about some of my points. You might get triggered so it’s probably better for you to just skip that post.

Looking back at my trip I realized that I waisted a lot of time to keep myself entertained, while I could have experienced way more interesting things. Especially young people just got too used to spending a rather large amount of their daily time online or getting entertained by electronic devices. The (to me) sad result is the “heads down generation”. Everybody needs an expensive phone, internet access, TV and social media accounts to always be up to date. Some of them end up spending more time living a virtual life than their real one. In extrem cases people even died trying to get likes for their perfect selfie. Complete loss of reality to me.

I remember to not own any electronic devices when I was still a child. Borrowing my friends MP3-player was the shit back then. I feel like time was more carefree back when having a phone was something rather special for a child. Also because I was a child obviously, but that gratitude and excitement towards electronics is more like a frantic obsession nowadays. It’s not really exciting to own a phone or MP3-player anymore but more like a must and as usual as breathing.

Of course electronics are not bad and it’s not all evil. They do make life comfortable and easier sometimes. That is the big point though. Do you want your life to be comfortable or exciting? Usually you won’t get it both at the same time. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying stop using electronics. Use them to get directions when you are lost or to check for accomodation or to book tickets. But not to turn your brain off and get stuck in a virtual world. Especially when your on a trip around the world wasting your time like this is one of the worst things to do.

So if not electronics what else to do on the lazy days:

  • Get yourself an interesting book before you leave. One is usually enough, you’ll often be able to trade it with another backpacker or to atleast get an discount when buying another one. Sometimes your hostel will have left-behind-books aswell. Try to avoid airport buys and exotic languages like german or swedish. Nobody wants to trade a crappy book and trading non-english books can be rather hard. Reading an english book is also a good chance to improve your english skills.
  • Update your music collection. It’s not just nice when you are tired of the city noises but can also help you with homesickness.
  • You can take a care game like UNO with you. Maybe you won’t use it too many times, it’s way more fun to spend a shitty day with company than locked up in your room watching netflix though.

I know that I won’t stop anyone from spending time on social media and etc. just because I tell them to. After I realized that there are pretty much always better things to do I just want to share that realization. Maybe I can convience a few.

As always you are very welcome to leave additions/suggestions/opinions in the comments!

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