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Realizing how much work needs to be done can be really shocking, the most important thing is to start as soon as possible. My recommendation is to arrange a fixed time with yourself, to get stuff done every day. You don’t need to do a lot in the beginning, it’s more about consistency. The more you get into it the easier it will be, and suddenly you enjoy it. However you shedule your to-do list, make sure that you don’t get in a big hurry towards the last few days. Not just because it’s annoying to be in a hurry, but also because you are very likely to forget about things then.

 After your decision
  • Keep yourself motivated. Tick off the days on your calendar, visualize your experiences while travelling, watch a good movie…
  • Gather as much information as possible. The more you inform yourself the more likely you’ll find exactly what you want to see.
  • Start to save money for your trip. Set yourself a deadline. Do yourself a whole lot of good until then.
  • If you don’t want to travel alone start asking friends what they think of your idea.
  • In case you have been a little bit lazy recently, it’s time to improve your fitness again. The good thing is, you have a great reason for that now.
  • If you have enough time on your hands you can start to learn a language (e.g. spanish if you are going to travel South America).
1 year – 6 months before departure
  • Do research on flight prices for your first destination. Especially if it is exotic you want to buy well in advance.
  • Start to organize your documents. Look up cancelation periods and what’s to cancel. A rainy afternoon is perfect for this.
  • Think about a good point of time to tell your family and friends about your plans, unless you haven’t told them already. Once you have told them you will hear “Oh no, you are leaving us” and similar stuff a lot. If you tell them to late they might be seriously shocked and concerned about you. I don’t know your family and friends so you need to decide that yourself.
  • The same goes for dealing with your boss. I don’t know him/her so you need to decide when it’s time to ask for your “longer holiday”. If you want to quit your job anyway, don’t tell him/her about it too late. It takes some time find someone else, leave in a peacefull manner.
6 months – 3 months before departure
  • Pick countries you definitely want to travel. Gather more specific information about them (visa regulations, transportation, what to see…). Create your first rough route.
  • Calculate your budget.
  • Start your vaccinations. If you get too many of them at the same time they can really make you feel like shit. Speaking from experience.
  • If you haven’t organized your documents so far it’s about time now. Apply for your passport and other relevant travel documents (not for your international driving license yet, it’s only valid for 1 year). Find a contact person willing to take care of your problems back home.
  • If you want to write a blog start to inform yourself about how to do so.
  • Start to sell things you don’t need anymore.
  • Start to buy your equipment. Make use of sales if you can. Oh my god, shopping-time again (Please don’t hate me, I had to).
3 months – 1 month before departure
  • Make sure you are still commited. If you feel like it would be better to stay home it’s best to stop here. Otherwise you will spend a lot of money for nothing.
  • If you’ve been lazy so far it’s seriously time to get up your ass up now.
  • Book your flight and a few nigths in the first city you arrive at.
  • Only after you booked your tickets: terminate your lease/start to advertise your apartment for subletting, organize storage for your belongings, sell your car, quit your job if you want to do so.
  • Buy most of your equipment.
  • Get the health checks done.
  • Apply / check validity for your credit card.
1  month – 2 weeks before departure
  • Nervous already?
  • Finish equipment buys. Try to find the best way for packing your backpack. Trust me, you will do that a few times. Go on a test walk with your backpack. If you are exhausted or in pain after 15 minutes you need to re-arrange something.
  • Make copies of all your travel documents. Save them in atleast 2 different ways (e.g. USB flash drive and prints).
  • Get cash money.
  • Apply for insurances.
2 weeks – a few days before departure
  • Double check everything. Looks good? Nice, do it again.
  • Renovation work, if you agreed on that in your rental contract.
  • Apartment-hand-over.
  • Declare a new residence.
  • Mail-forwarding-request.
A few days before departure
  • Double check everything. Looks good? Nice, do it again.
  • Farewell party

This is not the best checklist ever made, but more of a guideline for you. Please make sure to take some of your time to complete it / adapt it to your needs. Or atleast don’t blame me if you forget something.

As always you are very welcome to leave additions/suggestions/opinions in the comments!

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