Reasons why people do travel

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Why do you want to travel? That’s a question everybody should ask him/herself before getting into planning. You can just dive into the blue, but then you will also just end up somewhere. Some people need and want that. Chances are that this is your first and only trip. So better make the most out of it. Of course, the feeling of freedom and independence is the strongest when travelling with just a rough plan. Though you might run past a lot of things you never even heard of, because you just dived into the blue. Your turn to consider.

Anyways, a few reasons why people do travel, so you can get inspired:

Getting to know foreign cultures

That’s one big big point. A lot of people are eager to discover foreign cultures. Especially “underdeveloped” cultures can teach you a lot. I actually don’t like to use that word. They might not have all our fancy technology and stuff like that. But when you see how happy some of them are, while possibly beeing considered poor losers in “developed” countries, you start to question our society. Particularly when you see how people having everything are just complaining and judging others. Cultures like the Maya fascinate me aswell. How did they create their calendar? Time to get and find out.

Getting to see famous sights

Pretty self explanatory. Beeing at the stunning scenery of Machu Picchu, standing on top of the Empire State Building or maybe the Mount Everest base camp? Feels so good!

Getting to meet amazing people

First off you will have plenty of time to meet the most amazing and most important person in your life: yourself! Oh my god, cheese overload. I know how it sounds, but the only person you have to deal with every single day is yourself. You can get rid of everyone else. Be yourself, nobody expects you to act a certain way. Furthermore that’s how it is for everyone. That leads to way more pure and real conversations. I had plenty of great discussions with travellers. Afterwards they told me that they avoid to talk about that topics like this back home. It’s just super exhausting and annoying to constantly justify yourself. It was the same for me…

Having time to reflect and relax

Reflecting works best in a situation like this, atleast for me. You know the next few months are just for yourself. The (probably existing) plan can be dumped and remade. Take a day at the beach. All you have to worry about is the temperature of your drink. Watch the beautifull sunset, knowing no deadline or appointment is waiting. Feels so good!

Gaining distance from a burdensome situation

Sometimes distance helps solve problems. You get a different view of things and find a solution. Perhaps you realize it’s actually not even so much of a big deal. We tend to make problems bigger than they actually are. Be carefull though if this is your main reason to travel. You can’t run away from your problems. Probably for a few months, but they always run faster.

Getting to see the beauty of Earth

There are so many beautifull countries on this lovely planet. We don’t even know how half of them look like. I couldn’t die happy, knowing I didn’t even see a glimpse. In my opinion every single country has it’s special and unique facets worth seeing.

Some more:

  • Making new experiences.
  • The feeling of absolute freedom.
  • Master challenges and grow from it.
  • Learn something (languages, sports, crafts…).
  • Undertake unforgettable adventures.

Say YES and you’ll figure it out afterwards

-Tina Fey

Did I miss any important ones? You are very welcome to share your opinions/suggestions/additions in the comments!

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