Reasons why people don’t travel

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The majority of us had to break through some obstacles before going on their trip abroad. Whether it was financial problems, no idea where and how to start, a mind full of fears or a surrounding constantly telling us to stop thinking of such waste of time. That’s normal. That is nothing to worry about to much. That’s nothing you can’t handle just fine. We all had our doubts. There are millions already who came back safely and with a whole lot of beautifull memories. Join them!

Now I will introduce you to Mister/Miss I did not travel, because:

I can never do that…

This is just simply lying to yourself. As mentioned above we all had our troubles. Though especially nowadays it’s easier than it ever was. There are tons of information out there, describing how to whatever you can imagine. Tons of blogs, writing about their experiences. Tons of forums where you can ask about anything. You just need to start believing in yourself.

I have never been abroad and am afraid to be homesick…

This is a difficult one. Most likely you will get homesick at some point. Not gonna lie about that. Unless you never had that feeling of home. However, it’s not going to be a permanent condition. Maybe you turn out to be someone who has no problem with homesickness at all. Otherwise a call via skype or focusing on the beauty that surrounds you can make that feeling fade quite quickly. Also listening to your “body talk” and taking a day just to do yourself good will make that nasty feeling vanish. The “fear of never have been abroad” is easier to handle. Basically it’s the fear of something new. Think about your life for a few minutes. How many times did you overcome it already? First time working, the new class, giving a speech… to give some examples. You can do that aswell!

I am afraid of crime/diseases…

Yes, media tells us basically every traveller is suicidal. Those fears exist because we, for whatever reason, focus on the bad instead of the good. Who want’s to hear about Jimmy and Lucy having a good and safe time since months? But, oh boy, Jimmy got robbed in Venezuela and Lucy got raving madness! Won’t you ever go there, it’s so so dangerous! Don’t get me wrong I won’t deny the fact that some countries are more dangerous than others. The mass of travellers comes home safe and happy though. You just never hear about it. Vaccinations are not cheap, but atleast when it comes to diseases, the most dangerous ones can be prevented easily. Same with crimes, if you adjust your behavior according to the circumstances you are likely to stay safe. Of course, you will get fooled sometimes, but that’s not the end of the world. By the way you might aswell become a victim of crime/diseases in your homecountry. No place is 100% safe.

I’ve got no one to go with and am afraid to be lonely…

I also had that fear and it got proved to be reasonless. Unless you really want to be alone you will get to know new people. There is no way around. Actually it’s nowhere easier to meet new people than while travelling solo. Most of them have the same problem. Alone in a foreign country and everybody is a stranger. A simple “Hello” can lead to your new best friend. If someone doesn’t like you, okay! There are millions of travellers and you will most likely never see that person again. Nothing to worry about! Of course, please don’t take that as a reason to be rude. Get out of your shell, you have nothing to lose! All you actually can lose is an hour of enjoyable conversation. After some time you will realize what a blessing travelling solo is.

I don’t have the money/time for that…

Not having the time for something means prioritizing spending time for something else. If you break it down, you have to admit that’s true. About the money… I was barely 20 years old when I started my trip. Almost 8 months in South East Asia and I came back with more than half of the money I saved for my trip. Lucky me, there will be my next one soon. And I am not the guy that works hard. I am the guy that likes to takes things slow and enjoy life. Still I managed to save money for my trip . Basically, if you live in a first world country and have the time to dream and read about travelling the world, you are among the lucky ones. You just need to get your ass up to achieve your dreams.

I have a great job/family to take care of

If you belong to that group it won’t be easy at all… Deciding between a great job and that fancy dream is something that can tear you apart. I got an amazing job offer aswell and I know how long it took me to finally make up my mind. It was a great company, one of the rare jobs where you can actually take your time to take care of things and still get paid well. Perfect for me. In the end I knew I would always regret not going abroad. More than not having a good job. Good news for those of you that already have a family. It’s still possible. You wouldn’t be the first one going around the world with their little ones. Altough I can’t speak from experience. So I can just wish you to find a way for yourself.

Imagine yourself as an old man/woman. Probably inside a nursing home. Knowing “your train terminates here”. Having all that time to think about your life. Do you want to be someone who did it, or someone who lived a life according to other’s expectations. Never doing what seemed to be stupid but then again so gorgeous. Unfortunately we can only decide once.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

-Jim Rohn

Now you are very welcome to leave additions/suggestions/opinions in the comments!

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