Packing for a backpacking trip the first time can be quite a challenge. People usually try to pack the same things as if going on a holiday, but it doesn’t quite work that way. It doesn’t matter if you have 2 shirts more or less in your suitcase. If you have them in your backpack though, you’ll feel them at every step you make. It makes sense to just pack things you really need frequently. That might feel like sacrificing a lot of comfort, at first. Don’t worry, it’s actually more like realizing how much unnecessary stuff we own.

Your backpack is about the most important piece of equipment. Buying the wrong one will result in sore shoulders and frustration. Take your time with it, don’t buy one just because another person said he/she likes it. It might be perfect for him/her, but makes you suffer since it doesn’t fit your back. Some tips for packing your backpack aswell.

Everything from protection against the sun and rain to protection against crime. Not the most exciting topic, but important aswell.  

Travel guidebooks can be a very usefull source of information during your travels. Buying one of those might safe you hours of research in the internet. They are also a 100% reliable source of information since they don’t require an internet connection.

    I want to give credits to (in my opinion the best german travel guide). When I was about to plan my trip this website gave me motivation and all the information I needed. Since I know how great it felt to have a source of information like this I wanted to create the same for non-German speakers.