Organizing your world trip

All the information I am providing here has been put together with greatest possible care. Still it is not possible to provide reliable information for everybody reading my guide. Every country has different regulations and laws. Those regulations are constantly  beeing changed. I am not a legal expert. Also legal experts are not able to know regulations for every single country. Double check the most crucial information. With that beeing said I can’t be held responsible for any trouble you get yourself into. 
Unfortunately some people still take the risk of travelling without health insurance. It will cost a nice little sum but you become more carefree. Otherwise one wrong step while hiking can mean the end to your travels. If you are really unlucky you may even come back in debts.

Besides official concerns there are also a few personal preparations to be done. They are just as important for a smooth journey as the official stuff is. Don’t underestimate them, they can be even more time consuming.

Since it really is a lot to keep in mind, you might want a list to make sure you don’t forget anything. It acts as a rough schedule aswell. You might want to print it, put it somewhere you can see it everyday and add some own points. 

I want to give credits to (in my opinion the best german travel guide). When I was about to plan my trip this website gave me motivation and all the information I needed. Since I know how great it felt to have a source of information like this I wanted to create the same for non-German speakers.