Planning your world trip

First off, I can’t and also don’t want to create a guide that frees you from thinking yourself. Why? Simply because humans tend to go the way of least resistance. I want to help you plan and give ideas. If I describe everything into the last detail some people would travel my trip. It’s just way easier to go where someone has already been and all that information is already there. Even though it might make you run past the country/activity/experience you would have loved. In the end it is your world trip and you should also make it your trip. Most topics will be kept generally so you need to actually take your time and fill your travels with life yourself. The second you sit down and think back, or the second that juicy idea pops up in your mind, you will are going to thank me for pushing you into dreaming and fulfilling your very own dreams.
So you dream of travelling the world, but didn’t decide yet. Everybody tells you to get rid of that stupid idea. You are anxious, don’t know where to start, don’t know if you can do that and anyway, how to even get the money for that? This one is for you!
A list of  common reasons why people decide to take, or not take the trip, aswell as some common untruths. Probably you will get a different view of things and hopefully you can decide yourself after reading my posts.

There are infinite possibilities. Still people end up doing the exact same things and travelling the same routes. I don’t want to say that is bad. There are reasons why certain countries are way more popular than others. Though the unspoiled beauty is for those who get away from the mainstream. Things to consider to get off the beaten track and some inspiration for shaping your unique trip.

After choosing the countries you want to travel it’s time to think about transportation. Especially if you want to travel 2+ continents you will have to spend some time thinking about the best way to reach every destination withouth paying a fortune. Unfortunately there is not the one best way to go. This can lead to another change in your route since you might discover a beautifull interurban stage, for example.

I want to give credits to (in my opinion the best german travel guide). When I was about to plan my trip this website gave me motivation and all the information I needed. Since I know how great it felt to have a source of information like this I wanted to create the same for non-German speakers.