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Flying is most likely required when going on a trip around the world, since the distances can be too time consuming for interurban travelling. The downside of travelling above the clouds is that you will only see clouds. A 3 hour train ride is 100 times more exciting than a 3 hour flight.

It’s not just about actually seeing the country you travel. There are also many more benefits, when compared to flying:

  • You will meet real locals. While you are usually stuck with tourists and a higher social circle you can meet interesting people when travelling interurban.
  • You are more flexible. There are way more connections and they operate more frequently. No need to plan far ahead aswell.
  • You can save money in general and on accomodation when you travel longer distances during nighttime.
  • Especially once you are outside Europe travelling with a coach or train can be way more comfortable than flying.

I recommend to fly as little as possible. Get out of the convenient airplane. Sometimes it will be frustrating and exhausting, but it makes your travels way more intense. You might consider longer overland connections like the Trans-Siberian railway aswell.

Besides public transportation, travelling the world with own vehicles becomes more and more popular. Here are some options:

  • Campervan: Not just a substitute for hostels/hotels but also for public transportation. The downside is that it’s expensive to buy. Due to it’s bad maneuverability and bulkiness you are forced to stay on well maintained roads. In countries with poor security siuation the campervan will be a appreciated target.
  • Car: Cheaper to buy and maintain than the campervan, but of course way less space. Some travellers sleep in their car anyway and/or rebuilt it to fit their needs. If you have a 4×4 vehicle you can pretty much get anywhere.
  • Motorcycle: Another level cheaper in comparison to car and campervan. The advantage of the motorcycle comes to bear especially in cities. You can dodge traffic jams and can take any small side road. The downside is that you lose the ability to save on accomodation. If you travel longer distances it will be less comfortable and you are no longer protected from rain.
  • Bicycle: The cheapest option, but also the most exhausting one, since your engine are your legs now. Also the slowest option. If you have enough time that’s actually a good thing since travelling will be way more intense. The advantage is that you can take your bicycle anywhere, you can also transport it easily in planes. If you carry a tent you are independent from hostels/hotels aswell.

Of course you have the option to rent those vehicles aswell, which is probably the better option since you won’t have to deal with so much organisational work. If you rent you save yourself the costs of maintenance and the risk of a huge loss when reselling your vehicle.

Another option is to buy a vehicle in the country you travel and resell it there again. Rule of thumb is that it’s worth to do so, if you travel longer than 2-3 months (in comparison to renting). You should be familiar with the vehicle you want to buy, because it’s very likely that you get ripped off otherwise. It requires some amount of planning since you want to consider the best point of time to sell/buy your vehicle, aswell as the time span to actually find a seller/buyer.

As always you are very welcome to leave additions/suggestions/opinions in the comments!

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