Untruths about travelling

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You might have some wrong expectations about travelling. I will probably dissapoint you with that post, but better now than after you already took your flight. Some common expectations/imaginations that don’t quite reflect the reality of travelling.

I’m going to see the whole world!

Sorry, but no, that won’t happen. You basically can visit every single country on this planet, but you’ll never see it all. There will always be some beautifull places you run past. Our planet is just too big. Even if you have 5 years to just travel around the world, you will only get to see a glimpse, in comparison to what you actually can see. Most people want to see too much. They end up rushing from one sight to another. Never really enjoying what they see. That’s about the biggest mistake you can do while travelling. I did it aswell, so I speak from experience. It doesn’t matter how much you see. The only thing that matters is how much you enjoy seeing what you see. A few thousand pictures of exotic sights on your camera’s SD card are nice, a few hundred good memories are better!

A trip around the world is bad for my career!

It’s the 21th century. Nowadays your soon-to-be boss should realize that a trip around the world means you are flexible, durable, adaptable, able to organize, you have foreign language skills… If he/she thinks you are just lazy, you are probably better off taking another job.

I will be all on my own!

People are travelling since thousands of years. They all need help at some point. “Ok Mistah! Come, come Mistah! Ok, come come only five dollars Mistah! I know where you go!” Yeaaaa suuuureee… No, seriously, sometimes it’s harder to get rid of all your helpful new best friends (especially in South East Asia!). Trust me on that one. After some time the only help you might need are some reflecting sunglasses and loud headphones.

I will work when I’m low on budget!

Sadly that got really really hard. Let’s look at Thailand as an example. A common newbie-traveller-country. The government declares you as an alien (literally, not kidding!), you need to prove that you can do something a Thai could not do. A lot of travellers work without permission and get away with it, but i have also seen people getting taken by police, paying more than they actually earned. Not really worth…

Getting a working holiday visa is a great option though. But then again, most likely you won’t get a well paid dreamjob (If you even get the visa, depending on your homecountry the quota might be restricted to 100…). If you are more focused on staying longer and having a good time at a nice location, than on actually saving money, it’s worth. If not, you better stay in your job at home for another 3 months. Saves a lot of trouble. Go for it, if it is your dream though. There are many options and if you really want to you’ll find a way.

I’ll do that once im retired!

Lucky you, if you are among the few ones who actually do it. If you take a look around the world isn’t full of travelling retirees. Why? Most people don’t want to (or can’t) do it anymore, once they reached the age to retire. Atleast not the way they imagined it when they were young. Tramping, couchsurfing, work and travel, low comfort as an old man/woman? Low pension, health problems, responsibility for family members… just to name a few reasons.

As always you are very welcome to leave additions/suggestions/opinions in the comments!

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